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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Well, there's always next year

Looks like America's lovable losers have finally decided to throw in the towel. Within days of discovering that their golden-boy pitcher has a fucked-up elbow, the Cubs decide to trade away their only effective bullpen guy (aside from semi-effective Ryan Demptster) for AAA prospects. I wanted the Cards to crush the Cubbies, no doubt, but not with this spat of injuries (and none of them to that asshole Zambrano!). And amazingly, Dusty Baker is still employed. Imagine how shitty their season would be if Derrick Lee wasn't performing way, way, way beyond expectations


  • At 29 May, 2005 10:23, Anonymous rockin redbird said…

    Yo V--
    Have no fear, the way Baker trashes arms--and especially now with "The Francheese" down--it's only a matter of time before Zambrano's number will be up. I'd rather hands the Flubs their asses when they're at full strength too, but I gotta say their 05 woes have made for some extremely entertaining reading over at Flublogland. Their sniping and in-fighting is a riot.

  • At 29 May, 2005 10:36, Anonymous rockin redbird said…

    oh yeah--and if they expect ANYBODY to believe that Zambrano's elbow problem stems from too much "emailing," they're nuts. Can you say "compulsive internet masturbater"? I knew that you could.


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