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Monday, October 03, 2005


Ah, it is playoff time, the best and worst time for me. People begin to find me truly obnoxious in many ways. I am far away from the center of Cardinal nation, and in fact, am admidst the territory of another playoff team, something that made me less than popular at the local sports viewing establishments last year.

This is the time that I begin to wear almost nothing but Cardinals attire on non-off days, and begin to obsessively learn the names of losers like Dave Miceli and Dan Wheeler. When a game of catch with my dog turns into me imagining that I'm pitching to some streaky batter in late in a close game. This is when tensions begin to flare between me and my red sox loving classmates. A time for joy and misery. It still stings how fast it went from one to the other last year. I sure as hell can't get Uncle Tupelo's "I wanna destroy you" out of my head these days. Teams that I kinda like have now just become mere obstacles in the way of the Cardinals' victory. Teams taht I already didn't like have become goddamn fucking satan.

On a side note, I would like to here implore Tony La Russa to please employ Matt Morris's services in the 8th inning this year. He would be ever so good at it--he has done well in the 1st most of the time, and if he was throwing in relief, there would be much less worries about hitters seeing his pitches multiple times, thus masking the problems with his bad curve, and the reduced repretoire that has ensued due to this unfortunate occurance. He would also be free to throw as hard as he possibly can, without concern for saving himself for later innings that aren't there. Suppan has earned his spot on the postseason rotation, and Marquis has too, both with his bat and his arm. I'm intrigued by the idea of Anthony Reyes on the postseason roster post-Al Reyes' injury. We'll see what Tony comes up with.

All I can say, it's fucking go time.


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