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Thursday, June 02, 2005

A question

Sitting around, talking about Deep Throat led me to wonder... what would it take, with our current congress, to get George Bush impeached? I'm sure if he just started shooting people on the street, with clear video of it, there would be almost no avoiding it... but barring that, what would he have to do? What evidence would have to come to light in order for the Republican congress to actually pull the trigger and vote to have the man put on trial.

It sure as hell will take more than him getting a blowjob and lying about it.


  • At 03 June, 2005 14:18, Blogger Sleeps with Butterflies said…

    Ewwwww my bundle of delectable daisies, you now got this horrible mental picture stuck in my head about W and er... well, another kind of "deep throat". Thanks for grossing me out :P

    But to answer your question, which I didn't want to discuss the other day cause I have my moods, whatever it would be would be the opposite of what happened to Bill, well maybe opposite is not the best word. Bill's a democrat, right? I think most democrats have probably had a few... indiscretions... in their life, so they probably wouldn't get all in a frenzy for his deal with Monica if they could find some way to keep it quiet. Meanwhile, we all know republicans are censor-lauden, get-mad-at-others-for-what-you've-done,
    typical religious zealots, who would leap at the occasion to point a finger at Bill. If Bill had been faced with 9/11 and chose not to instate the Patriot Act, republicans would probably get all in a huff about that too. So, in order for Bush to get impeached, he'd have to do something that really goes against democratic ideals, that really fucks up with the *people* of America and their well-being, that basically spits in the face of every young person alive........

    oh wait. now I see your point. fuck, we're stuck with him, my bountiful pile of kitten kisses. We're fucking STUCK.

  • At 04 June, 2005 16:04, Blogger L Boros said…

    hi valatan,

    lotta people having the same discussion. if you haven't already read these ---

    l boros

  • At 06 June, 2005 15:37, Anonymous rockin redbird said…

    I don't think it's so much what Dubya would have to do--he's already done plenty. What it would take would be someone with a conscience (or afraid of being a scapegoat) in his administration, ala John Dean, Daniel Ellsberg, or Bill Felt, to come forward with documents proving the lies he's foisted on the American people. Ya never know, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Too many of his stooges are leftovers from the Nixon years, and they obviously learned well how to squash or buy-out the weak links.

  • At 07 June, 2005 20:15, Blogger Valatan said…

    thanks for those links, lboros!

  • At 08 June, 2005 12:00, Blogger Valatan said…

    rr, what worries me the most is that there is already quite a lot of that info out there, in the form of the Downing street memo, the testimony of Richard Clarke and Paul O'Neil, and everyone seems to just push it aside


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