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Monday, April 03, 2006

The phoenix rises from the ashes again.

I have to think that this weekend was pretty good for me. Although my car got towed, and I still have some annoying medical bullshit to deal with, I feel much cheerier about the world right now. I am closer to having actual results to post to my advisor than I have been in a long time. I still can't quiiite get the idea that I had for publication to work out, but there's always hope, eh?

I also, thanks to the car towing, ironically, had a chance to talk out some of the nastier personal problems that I've run into as of late, so I feel better about that. My stress level is the lowest it's been in a month, I think.

Additionally, it is goddamn opening day. Once I can afford it, I'm thiking I'm getting muyself a subscription. For now, it's nice just to see Carp's mugshot up at Viva el Birdos. Looking forward to this season, even if it is a nightmare of disasters at 2B for most of the year. Whatever, every team is in first place on opening day!

But, in summary, I think that there might actually be reason to believe that the immediate future will be better than the immediate past.

I will leave you with the following cartoon that I saw over at firedoglake (which those of you interested in politics all should be reading). It made me laugh, maybe it'll make you laugh, too:


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