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Monday, June 06, 2005

El beardo = heroic

As rediculously boring as most of these interleague matchups are (6 games a year against KC.. yawn), there's a part of me that always relishes it when the yanks or bosox come to town. It's easy to hate the Yankees, but the red sox I actually find to be even more annoying, with all the defeatist complaining about the yankees from fans of a $140M team. I can only imagine how Brewers or Pirates fans feel about the subject.

The return of Edgar also deepens that, though being far from StL or from a TV carrying said game (poor grad student = no cable) takes some of the excitement out of that. But still, declaring that he left so he could go play for a team with some tradition was damn obnoxious, as was his decision not to sign pre-2004 season. But oh well, he wanted respect and he chose the fans that turn on their players like a dime, so he gets what he deserves, I guess....

That being said, what a game by Morris. Judging by gameday only, he seems smarter and more efficient than the guy who won 23 games. Stuff I can't judge until he starts a damn game that's televised in Texas. 93 pitches in a complete game is impressive, as is the 5 baserunners allowed. Mighty Mouse Eckstein also had a good game. Walker drops below the Matheny line, though looking at his Y! sports profile, this appears to have happened vs houston on the 5th. The all-star break can't come too soon for Larry, methinks.


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