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Friday, October 07, 2005


This reminds me of the time that one of my college freinds who was not a missouri native asked me "Have you ever heard of Whitey Herzog? He's my friend's uncle, and he's coming to town." Unfortunately, it was a non-open to the public event, but still...

So, Smoltzie outduels the Rocket. Hope that's good luck for bearded postseason pitchers. (btw, how awesome would it be to have Smoltzie and Morris get into a classic duel in the postseason?). So, who is the champion of the beard-off?

The man on the left, with the coy look in his eyes, or the man on the right, with the wrath of Leo Mazzone in his?

Remember, you can judge this based only upon beard quality. All baseball stats are to be totally ignored. For entertainment value only. Please consult a doctor before attempting to grow an awesome beard.

And for my money, Morris has a way awesomer (it's a word NOW, dammit!) mountain man look than Smoltz's trimmed, controlled look.


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