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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

There's a world of people dying out there

At least, so says Caroline Herring at least, but I tend to agree. It seems like a fact of life that the more that you get to know people, the more it's the case that they are hanging onto themselves by the skin of their teeth. It's a sad truth that we are shielded from as children and teenagers, when we get exposed to stories of rebellion and angst and love, but never of fundamentally unresolvable issues, of struggles with the self, both in terms of will and understanding.

Most people are fundamentally unhappy, and not due to the "keeping up with the jonses" matrerialism junk that most people promulgate as the main reason (though one could hardly argue that such a trend would be a non-contributor). It seems to be a deeper unhappiness than what mere dissatisfaction could explain. Perhaps it is because we are fundamentally alone. Perhaps it is because we can see too much that goes wrong, and munimize our risks rather than maximize our chance at happiness. Whatever the reason, the reaction inevitably makes things worse. So anyway, I hereby declare march 11th as help your rrened tduring an electin day


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