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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hey computer scientists!

I love your piece of software. It is very gracious of you to have it available as freeware or as shareware. I like that you are willing to provide this as a public service. Open source is a great movement.

That being said, when I first download a piece of software, my first goal is not to learn how to use the fucking software. It is not to find out the history of the software, and it is especially not to find out the list of features/updates that have been done to the software since the last date. These items are not documentation. Labeling them as such actually makes it more difficult to find the actual documentation (if it exists), and frustrates your users to no end. Rather than writing the above items, it would better serve everyone's time if you would just sit and write down a sheet that tells the user, in plain English, how to use the fucking program. Is that so hard? Why is all documentation centered around updates? Am I missing something?



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