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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This is the most absurd thing I've ever read

MSN Encarta: Does the Reverse Glass Ceiling Exist?

In fact, the idea of the glass ceiling is such a phenomenon that the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) formed a "Glass Ceiling" commission in 1991. But what about the men who succeed in what tend to be female-dominated careers, including nursing, travel, marketing, and childcare? Is there such a thing as a reverse glass ceiling for men?

Are you fucking kidding me? See, gals, everything's ok! You might not be able to get that management position, but just remember the poor men that are having trouble rising to be the day manager at KinderCare!! Read the whole article. It is an astounding combination of stereotypes, anecdotal evidence, and an inidcaiton that there is in fact no "reverse glass ceiling" in nursing. At one point, the author even says "his may set off your stereotype alarm, but even Kaiser [female counselor to men in female-dominated fields] admits that men tend to be more logical, rather than emotional, thinkers."

But that doesn't even compare to this golden gem:

he admits that in the PR industry, clients often prefer to work with a woman. "People like to talk to women on the phone--men can sometimes be harsh," he says. "Women can be more fun. They have a much softer way of being more forgiving and open."

So, if my clients are sexist jerks, I should just hire a bunch of party girls to cater to their obnoxious sexism. It's just more fun! And this in no way limits the ability of these women to advance in their careers in the pr industry. They certainly won't be impeded from advancing beyond their fun position to upper management, right? I should just stop reading this crap.

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  • At 18 December, 2007 07:41, Blogger Mike said…

    Wouldn't a reverse glass ceiling be men trying (and failing) to get demoted? Or applying for jobs as secretaries and being refused?


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