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Thursday, August 04, 2005


I'm so glad I only saw that game on gameday, particularly with Einar Diaz twice playing the rally killer. At least they kept it exciting, and you can't really blame the suppinator, he did what he was paid to do, I guess. But that bottom of the lineup group is muder during this 'everyone's hurt' phase...

Additionally, you've gotta love this guy, even if he got the save against the cards last night:

That has got to be the best (read: most absurd) facial hair I've seen on a player for a long, long time. Maybe Al Hrabosky beat him, but I think that's more the crazy face expression than the actual hair.

Maybe we can find an opposing player out there with an actual handelbar wax moustasche. He could challenge Jim Edmonds to fisticuffs after a homerun, jimmy could respond by insulting Charles Garfield, responding that, as a Half-Blood, he is a Chester A. Arthur man.

Why is it always relief pitchers that have the rediculous facial hair? is it an effort to be noticed whilst performing this job in which it is difficult to get noticed? Does the pressure make people totally insane (maybe, c.f. Rocker, John). anyway, awesome job on that 'stasche, Todd Jones. You are my hero


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