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Sunday, October 09, 2005

That was a fun game

A few obserations:

1) I can't believe how long larry Walker stayed in that game. When he took that ball to the knee, I was screaming for So Taguchi to be pinch running for him. When he did a backflip over the wall, these efforts redoubled. Unfortunately, although I am a loudmouth, my voice can't quite carry from the middle of the country to San Diego. Ah well.

2) I'm getting slightly less worried about the 'pen. For the second straight game, Izzy kept the pointless drama to a minimum. Tavarez and Thompson coughed up runs, but kept on truckin' so I guess that's fine

3)Matt's curveball is found! I was also impressed with how he was able to shake off those 5th inning jitters and stay effective.

4) I love how this offense works--someone makes it go, whether or not it is the same dude every day. It's a lot more reassuring


  • At 10 October, 2005 08:57, Anonymous matty fred said…

    tlr says that he and dunc just wanted the relievers to go after the hitters with strikes since the redbirds had comfy leads.

    in a closer game, i'm cautiosly optimistic the relief corps will bear down more. empahasis on "cautiosly" however.

  • At 10 October, 2005 21:24, Blogger Valatan said…

    Thanks, matty fred--and good point, but, I do kinda wish that they'd just send the relievers out and play like it's a 0-0 game in the 12th, regardless of the score. My friend literally spent the whole game telling me to calm down.

    The Larry Walker thing is what REALLY bugged me, though. That man needs to be rested, particularly when baseballs hit him in the leg.

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