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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Things getting better, eh?

former PM Allawi on Iraq:

People are doing the same as [in] Saddam's time and worse,' Ayad Allawi told The Observer. 'It is an appropriate comparison. People are remembering the days of Saddam. These were the precise reasons that we fought Saddam and now we are seeing the same things

We are hearing about secret police, secret bunkers where people are being interrogated,' he added. 'A lot of Iraqis are being tortured or killed in the course of interrogations. We are even witnessing Sharia courts based on Islamic law that are trying people and executing them...

What is going on? This isn't exactly like it's some rabid anti-US terrorist speaking--this is the former prime minister of the country. If our goal was to prevent terrorist activity, and to prevent the expansion of the rule of Sharia, and to protect the Iraqi people, and we are actually making bacward progress on the first two, and standing still on the third, the how is it possible that nayone still supports the president's stance on the war? We have gone into total Orwell mode these days, I guess.

via This Modern World


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