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Monday, October 31, 2005

Here it comes.

This is why I was ambivalent of Harriet Miers. Alito is the type of appointment that everyone was terrified Bush would come forward with. This, however, shows that the Demcratic "popcorn strategy" (i.e., sitting back and letting the republicans fight over Miers) may have paid off. Also, it may indicate that the fillibuster compromise was worth it. The Dems may, just yet, block this guy.

But I'm not so sure. His dissent in Planned Parentood v. Casey alone will be enough to get the entire Christian right wing in 100% fired up mode, much more so than they even were about Roberts. Expect endless talk regarding how well-qualified Alito is, and how his experience shows that he is ready to take this task. Also expect endless accusations that the democrats are being obstructionist and pointlessly aggressive on the matter. They will blame the Miers non-appointment on the Dems (hence the talk about the fucking executive privilege bullshit).

I don't buy this smokescreen for one instant. This is about abortion, and will be about abortion only. And if Alito is confirmed, Roe v. Wade is dead. Maybe not immediately, but the Roberts court will chop away at it, gradually, until it is essentially gone.

There is room for strategy in this--I don't really want committee dems getting all agressive on Alito until the hearings. I want the guy to get a fair hearing, and it to be clear that he gets a fair hearing. They should cite their behavior during the Roberts and Miers appts. to support this--they carefully considered both candidates, and Russ Feingold even voted to send Roberts out of committee. But the fucker should be opposed fully when the time comes, up to and including a full fillibuster of his nomination. Everything they've done so far has been to get them in position to oppose this nomination.

Do it.

UPDATE: Fuck. This is looking less and less good. Graham holding probably isn't that big a deal, but if the other 6 republicans give up, and there are no longer 51 pro-filibuster votes... This is scary as hell.


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