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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ack. What a week.

If you've been noticing the sparcity of posting recently, it has partially to do with my real life--I have to teach early in the morning, and I am not a morning person. Consequently, I wander around with a fucked up persona for most of the day on my wee hours teaching day. Also, I am on the brink of being done with a research project that I am semi-excited about. I'll have a post up about that when I have acutal results. Third, my interest level in the outside world seems at a relative low. There aren't any exciting shows for me to see, the Cardinals season is nice and over, politics are in kind of a holding pattern (though it's encouraging to see the dems take two governorships yesterday). So, in conclusion, I'm still here, and I'll have interesting things to say soon enough.


  • At 12 November, 2005 07:59, Blogger Justine said…

    Valatan: Just hopped here from "Feministing" -- which in turn I visited only after a while away from it. I love your blog! Come see mine, and let's commune.

    Hugs, Justine


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