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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tired and depressed.

[editor's note: warning, incoherent nonsense ahead]

The human heart is a bizarre organ. It's sole purpose, really, is to bleed. All it really does is endlessly gush blood to the rest of the body. It works tirelessly so that the rest of the body can function (and the lazy brain sucks up a majority of the blood that leaks out through the aorta)

That's why I think it's incredilby appropriate that people use the heart as a metaphor for human emotions. Because feeling is simply bleeding and hurting and working because you have no choice in the matter. And just like human blood cells eventually recirculate into the capillairies that feed the heart, eventually all this pain and suffering eventually migh recirculate into positive ends for us. That, however, doesn't change the initial emotional bleeding that we have to put into it all. It just means that, in the end, the energy we put into things might equal out to what we get out.

And that's what keeps us going on, becasue just going on in life isn't really rational. The best end result is watching everyone you ever knew or loved get old and die until you follow them. Reasoning only just sucks more life out of existence, makes it harder and harder to struggle on. It's only by feeling and loving that we survive. And that necessitates hurting.

keep on beating, heart.


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