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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another policy proposal

re: pharmaceutical companines.

If you get public funding for your drug, then the length of your patent is reduced proportionately to the amount of funding recieved--if 50% of your funding was public, then your patent is only half as long as it would otherwise be. This clearly won't solve the prescription drug problem, but at least it will prevent so much blatant profiteering off of the public's dollar.


  • At 20 May, 2006 17:57, Anonymous Azzurra said…

    I've always thought that drug companies should have to agree to federally mandated pricing requirements if they accepted public funding. If you don't want to agree to a pricing structure, then don't accept tax money.

  • At 10 June, 2006 19:34, Blogger Michelle said…

    That explains sooooo much.

  • At 24 June, 2006 18:25, Blogger Valatan said…

    Michelle--I like your comics


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