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Thursday, September 20, 2007

My rant against the MPAA

I don't think that the MPAA reflect community values. It tells the masses what is offensive. It creates a set of standards that we expect. The MPAA allows us to know that if we see a nipple during the superbowl, that we should be shocked. When I have seen similar things happen in my life, I have seen maybe some embarassment, maybe some giggling. Never have I seen rage. But the MPAA tells us that nipples are for adults only and therefore, they are bad.*

But it sets a horrible set of standards that are applied with almost no consistency and with almost no attention given to anything logical. The MPAA allows almost any content, so long as you don't use one of George Carlin's seven words to describe that content, or show any nudity. Violence is much, much, much more acceptable than sex, which in turn isn't as bad as female nudity, which is much more acceptable than male nudity. Gay male sex is a horrendous nightmare of disaster. Gay female sex is slightly more acceptable than male nudity.

None of it makes any sense. I would much rateher one of my young nephews accidentally sees a couple having sex than I would that they accidentally witness a murder. I think most people agree with me on that. The MPAA apparently thinks the exact opposite.

That being said, I think that "what about the children!?" is an epithet used most often by the intellectually lazy.

*I realize that the superbowl is a TV incident, but it is the ame general idea, and TV is supervised by a similar, and in fact, tighter, regulatory system ocensorship.

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