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Saturday, October 15, 2005

You can never stop the big tears

That was a depressing game. There were the mandatory insane tony roster moves, there was the timely Astros hitting, the non-timely cardinals hitting, and the unfortunate injury. In the end, the damn Hector Luna error probably ended up costing the game. let me reiterate from the Viva El Birdos game thread: "Damn you, Hector Luna!!"

Furthermore, I have decided that FOX has managed to have worse announcers than ESPN's Joe Morgan-led crew. A proud and difficult accomplishment. My hat is tipped to you, Rupert Murdoch.

I have little positive to say, but let's try.

So really battled every single at bat he had. He didn't really come up big, but I felt like he was in on every at bat he had. And he played well and aggressively in the outfield. I wouldn't mind him getting a game 4 start, at all.

Tavarez, though being obnoxious while doing it, did get his three out without allowing a run. Marquis is well rested. Pujols got himself a hit, and Walker got himself an RBI, finally. We finally got a run off of goddamn Brad Lidge. Matt Morris pitched well. If a couple of those cardinals flyouts had gone 5 feet further, they would have been home runs, and it would have been a quite different game.

One thing remains to be said:

Dear Cardinals,

beat the living fucking snot out of Brandon Backe tomorrow.

That is all.


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