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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why I hate House Republicans Vol XXIX

Holy god. It isn't like I already didn't hate the goddamn patriot act already, but then they go and add this shit to it:

Under the proposals, 41 crimes would be added to the 20 terrorism-related offenses now eligible for the federal death penalty. Prosecutors would also find it easier to impose a death sentence in cases in which the defendant did not have the intent to kill.

In one example cited by Human Rights Watch, "an individual could be sentenced to death for providing financial support to an organization whose members caused the death of another, even if this individual did not know or in any way intend that the members engage in acts of violence."

So, in six months, you might potentially be eligible for the death penalty for giving moeny to your moron sibling, who, unbeknownst to you, turns out to be a terrorist. Or a drug dealer, or anything illegal that the administration doesn't like, as they already have used anti-terror laws to prosecute non-terror criminals.

Also, the provisions reduce the number of jurors required to get a federal death penalty conviction, with the provision that "the court finds a 'good cause', with or without the agreement of the defense." What the fuck would a "good cause" to fuck around with the goddamn jury system be? Why would someone write a provision like that?

And finally, this new system allows for the federal prosecutor to reconvene a jury if the sentencing jury dadlocks over the issue of executing the prisioner, mirroring the 5 most aggressive states laws on the death penalty, and in contrast to the 38 other death penalty states where a deadlocked jury results in an automatic life sentence.

The Washington Post article refers to these provisions passing the House by voice vote, which probably means that the floor was none too full when the vote was taken, though there is no mention of when this took place. None of this shit is in the Senate version, and here's to hoping that it gets taken out in conference.

So, in summary, I hate you, house republicans.


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