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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stuck in between

So, I'm sick of this town, sick of not being graduated, and just generally feeling out of place here. I'm also having rouble finding direction and a map as to how to leave, though. I know that I need to graduate, but I really can't figure out what I'm supposed to be writing on, and I also just seem to be having constant trouble getting any ideas that I have to work out properly. I just feel like I'm in this odd holding pattern, not yet knowing what the next big thing is, but waiting for it--I know that I don't really belong in Texas, but I don't know where I should be.

And it's kinda always been like that--everywhere I am, I'm in the place I'm at, but not of it--I'm never really a part of what's going on around me, I'm just kinda there amongst it, observing, mocking, maybe even interacting, but never belonging.

Meh. Maybe I'm just lonlier and more cynical than I've been in the recent past.


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