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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The cards are dead

Long live the cards.

Any Astros fans here, congragulations. I hope you crush the White Sox.

Myself, I'll be remembering lazy August nights heading up highway 61 with Jack buck and Mike Shannon, sitting up in the terrace lodge at Busch, and the one night where believing in a magical 9th inning comeback wasnt emotionally crushing.

That being said, they are not in all that bad a situation this offseason.

If I were Jocketty (thank god I'm not), I'd make the following moves:

Give Anthony Reyes a chance at the rotation
re sign Sanders
re sign Suppan
go get Brian Giles
and maybe go get a relible reliever.

Rolen will be back. Al Reyes will be back around the All-Star break. Mulder will have another year to justify the loss of Danny haren and daric barton. Pujols will be Pujols. They can get back to where they were a week ago. It'll just be in some new place in a city that is ever so gradually becoming some place different from the town where I grew up.


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