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Monday, October 17, 2005

In the tradition of bellyscratcher...

Albert won't back down
he will stand his ground
In a world that keeps on grounding others out,
he will stand his ground

Jimmy knows what's right
and he just won't fight
and he'll keep that ump from throwing him out
he will stand his ground
and he won't back down

Hey baby
they've blown the easy way out
hey yeah
they will earn their outs
and they'll work the count

Big Chris won't back down
he will take the mound
and he'll strike all of those motherfuckers out
and he will stand his ground
and he won't back down

Davey Eckstein won't go down
he'll hustle across the town
and he'll show us why i call him mighty mouse
and he'll help us out

Hey baby
Brad Ausmus is an easy out
hey yeah
let's take this back to the home town
and we won't back down

Go Cards! Beat the shit out of fucking Pettitte. I will not post till late tonight.

apologies to Tom Petty, and the hearbreakers, too


  • At 17 October, 2005 12:47, Anonymous Samantha said…

    Hey this is Samantha nad our shitty internet connection wont let me sign in as myself. Anyway, I love your poem/song parody! My favorite part is about Jim not letting the umpire throw him out, that was really clever. Anyway, here's to the Cards, win or lose they are the best!

  • At 18 October, 2005 15:17, Blogger glennrwordman said…

    Interesting that the three hitters you name-checked in the song are the EXACT three hitters who made the 9th innining happen...

  • At 18 October, 2005 15:26, Blogger Valatan said…

    Yeah, I saw that this morning. Pretty weird.


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